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We offer a variety of furniture for purchase or hire for your venue or special event. Created for the event industry out furniture is perfect not just for tipis but all other hire structures from marquees to permanent venues.


It’s the little things that make a difference. 

On their own our tipis are stunning structures, but complimented with the right accessories you can create an event or venue not to be forgotten.

At Tipi Chiefs we are always looking for innovative ways to decorate our tipis. We have taken inspiration from multiple sources to create our range of accessories. Tried and tested on hundreds of events we are now bringing our fantastic furniture to the market.

We have designed our furniture to handle the rigours
of the event industry. From experience, we know that even with the best intentions furniture gets mishandled, knocked about in transit, and not treated with care by customers. That is why we have built our furniture to be strong enough and resilient enough to take the demands of the event industry.

Furniture inside a tipi
Flooring for tipis


For a long-term hire or for permeant/semi-permeant installations we strongly recommend a wooden floor. Our wooden floors follow the shape of the tipis so water runs away and does not flow back into the tipi.

A floor built on a raised deck can take the heavy footfall and remains a clear surface that carpets do not provide. Not to forget the wooden floor perfectly complements the tipis.

 We have a range of flooring options. From portable floating floors for long term hire to raised decking for semi-permeant/ permeant installations.

For permanent installations, we have a range of decking materials to suit your build. Choose from rustic rough-cut floor boards, planed timber flooring, decking boards or composite decking to create the most suitable floor for your venue.

Fire Pits

Nothing creates that authentic tipi atmosphere like a fire pit. The warmth of the flickering flame provides a beautiful focal point that people can’t help but gather around.

Our fire pits are designed and constructed for the rigours of the event industry, even standing up to several weeks long term hire outside in winter.

We have two options with our firepits.

Option 1

Our standard fire pit is great for outdoor use. Offering a outdoor light and a place for your guests to warm up.  We don’t recommend using an open fire pit inside the tipis. There is nothing worse than walking into a structure that is filled with smoke and has stained canvases.

Option 2

For indoor use, we have our bioethanol fire pits. Bioethanol fire pits create the same fantastic atmosphere but without the smoke. The indoor fire pits give a beautiful ambiance while also keeping your guests warm and comfortable.

indoor fire pit inside a tipi tent


Rustic Tables

Made from Redwood timber our rustic tables not only look amazing they are tough and durable.

Working in the event industry we know that it is vital to reduce time on the build. That is why for hire jobs we use a fold-up trestle-style rustic table that not only looks great but can be quickly assembled. 

Measuring 1.8m x .78m they comfortably sit six people.

Rustic Table

Premium Rustic Tables

Our premium rustic tables are made from Redwood timber and have the same great finish as our fold-up tables. The legs fold up for storage and transport. When in use metal stays lock the legs in place for a stronger structure making it ideal for permeant venues. Not only great for the event and hospitality industry our tables have been brought by previous hire customers for their homes.

Measuring 1.8m x .78m they comfortably sit six

premium rustic table

Rustic Round Tables

In 2018 we developed and built our first rustic round table for our own hire events. Since then we have worked on perfecting the design.

Built with Redwood timber they look fantastic and are durable. Part of working in the event industry is storage and transport. That is why we have designed our round tables to have fold-up legs that can be locked into place. When in use metal strays give the table added strength over a sprung bracing beam. These tables are perfect for the event industry and hospitality venues.

With a diameter of 5ft6/ 168cm they are large enough to seat 8 to 10 people

Flower wheels

Flower Wheels & Lights

Create the “wow” factor for your venue or event with our flower wheel chandeliers.

With a diameter of 3m, our flower wheels create a stunning display. For those who really want to make a statement then our double chandelier consisting of a wagon wheel with Edison Bulbs on it above a flower wheel is a real must.

All of our flower wheel chandleries come with rigging that allows the customer to dress the wheel at waist height before lifting it into position. With self-locking mechanisms, they go up and lock into place.


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