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At Tipi Chiefs we love tipis. There is something about the rustic wooden poles, the twinkling of the fairy lights and the warmth of the tan canvas that creates an atmosphere that is second to none. We believe the magical atmosphere in a tipi cannot be beaten by any other structure. Of course the canvas can be lifted but then this lets in the worst of the weather. This is why we have created our wooden panels sides, increasing the usable floor space and retaining a weather tight structure.

This is moving Tipis to the next level! 

Inspired by a nomadic lifestyle, a key aspect of a tipi is the portability of the structure. When designing our panels we have kept this key feature of tipis in mind. Our experienced crews can erect a panelled tipi in a similar time to that of a traditional tipi structure, creating a temporary structure with a permanent structure feel. 


Creating a larger space than a traditional tipi, our panelled tipis are great for any wedding, party or corporate event The panelled walls are ideal for decorating and personalising your event. With a range of panels to choose from you can customise the structure to suit your event. Place a large window to get the best view or perhaps a solid panel to hide toilets and generators behind

Tipis for weddings and parties


Create that Lapland feel with a tipi for your venues Christmas Grotto. Use the tipi as a hub with a catering unit attached to it and then using tunnels off the tipi let your guests that a magical trip to visit Santa.

panel interior tipi


With catering trailers linked to the tipis you will have a pop-up food village that people will use in the worst of the British Weather

One of the great virtues of a tipi is that they are modular units. Each tipi is a nine sided structure that can be connected to other tipi to create a larger structure. This ability to link multiple tipi together is a key component of the tipi’s success. In designing our panels we have kept this in mind and we can create structure for hundreds of guests.


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Tipis are amazing structures, but there is one significant limitation. When the canvas is pegged down is huge reduction in the useable space.   We have developed our wooden sides to fit in the footprint of a where the canvas is lifted to. But all of this space is usable as our panels lifted the canvas to over 2m from the ground allowing every inch of the structure to be used to its full potential. Working in the events industry we have discovered that no event is the same. That is why we have developed a variety of panels to suit any event. For winter events we have wooden doors to create a cosy atmosphere while for summer events with a large footfall we have large open entrances.

We have carefully designed some of our  panels to link catering trailers directly to the tipi. This provides more space inside the structure for seating and entertainment inside the tipi. 

On the other walls we have a range of panels that can be decorated for the theme of the event. All of our window panels consist of a Perspex panel that can be put in place for winter events to keep the heat in or removed for summer events to allow air to flow into the structure